Ecclesiastes – Seek Wisdom

Glorious Father,

Today I approach You with a heart filled with thanks for of all of Your Wondrous ways and Your gift of Wisdom that is free and readily awaits all who would only seek her. I thank You for giving me eyes that see beyond my own wretched and worthless delusions of this ever rotting shell of flesh where my eternal soul abides. Yes, praises to you Who give us Eyes that truly see. For mine eyes have never seen the Glory of Your coming.
Yet when I am seated with You in Heavenly Places I am allowed to see; that is when I place myself firmly in You. As I am nothing and I am without any worth apart from you. BUT placing myself in Your care is all that I am able to do that is good and right. Every other action I take is meaningless.

When I am so perfectly hidden in You… that is when the fullness of Your Perfection is working in me. Then it is no longer mine eyes that see Your Glorious coming and all the wonders that it ushers in… it is in fact Your eyes that show me and help me to receive You; as I receive You in Spirit and Truth… which I have learned (from You) can never be attained of my own lowleveled mind.

There is nothing of ANY value in a house where You have not been hospitably invited in to take up residence and given freedom to take ownership to set up housekeeping to Your Heart’s desire and good pleasure; which is truly befitting and beneficial to ALL dwellings (people) and the souls that dwell within those places.

Lord I warmly invite you today to take up residence in my home today and not only the dwelling where I physically live but also the house where my eternal soul resides… With reverence I invite You to take the seat of honor at the head of the table and to come in and sup with me Precious Lord Jesus. Only You are worthy to merit the seat of Honor in my life.

Father, I receive ALL that You have for me today in the Name Your Son our Savior Jesus, who Is the Christ.

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