Jesus Is NOT Our Ticket for Bigotry!

How do Christians justify ugly hatred and prejudices? Its sad when those who claim Christ do so jealously, holding on to Him stingily with a miserly greed… UNWILLING to share Him with the neighbor who does not live on the right side of the tracks… or the one who does not look quite so upstanding… being ashamed to call the one who has a different ethnicity brother/sister. Deciding in their wicked hearts who is worthy of Christ!

Jesus did not die for Republicans, Democrats, conservatives or liberals alone. The Sacrifice of God has nothing to do with your hatred for gays, blacks, whites, Muslims or Mormons. If we are under the impression that Jesus is our little trophy or the mascot for our little cause… it is time to fall on our knees before God with a sincere heart and ask Him to reveal to us the purpose of Cross and our purpose in Christ.

These UGLY attitudes I am positive; grieve the Holy Spirit. When one group says, “We have the morals that God embraces and deem ourselves the MORAL MAJORITY.” We in effect deem our standards Godly. NONE is GOOD except God!  If we all stand together chanting that God hates homosexuals; then we all stand together and define the undefinable God. The saddest part in all of the Christian bigotry is that we cry out that we are like Jesus because the world is persecuting us due to our “christian views… WHEN IN FACT… the world is disgusted by our repulsive behavior. It looks nothing like Jesus; not even to the most ignorant sinner. Jesus was persecuted while loving mankind and even dying for the ENTIRE world.

NEWSFLASH: Jesus died once and He died for ALL!

Jesus does not belong to America… he belongs to the world. Our little local Church congregation is not the only people who Love the Lord and has His ear. If we can’t stand that neighbor who does not speak with our accent or have our skin color and we have deemed them not Christ-like though they would believe Christ… if we despise our neighbors who are not born in our country yet they claim Christ as their Savior… if we are a respecter of persons and love only those who love us and think as we think…

NEWSFLASH: We are far from Christ-like!

I have not written a blog like this before; but today I feel sick when I look around at the Body of Christ which I too am a part. *DISGUSTED* Yet I am still hopeful… God has started a good work in the Body of Christ and He will bring it together for His good purpose.

(I believe this too shall pass away… in fact IT MUST)

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