Dear Jesus follower,
I can post all of the injustices, suffering and evils that are happening not only in our communities, but all around the world all day long. It is not only to remind us to choose love, be love and to advocate to uplift and encourage those who are being persecuted daily on so many different stages… but I also hope that by our awareness of these wicked injustices against our fellowman that we are not apathetic in the face of those who suffer deeply from unwarranted abuses.

I pray that when we see posts depicting the injustices and sufferings of others that if we do nothing else, we’ll pray. I hope mostly that we’ll share with others that hope is not lost… that God in His Wisdom and Glory still reigns amidst the chaos of mankind’s making. Now is the time to share God’s Salvation plan.

I will not stand silent or idle. In God’s strength by His Spirit I will work while there is still light. God willing we’ll continue to expose the present darkness by His marvelous Light enduring in us, not to stir our anger to hatred… but to ignite the passion of His love in us and that it be the measure of love we mete out to a lost and dying world.

I’m not unaffected by what I see continually in this world… and when it seems overpoweringly futile, the very Spirit of God reminds me that what seems bleak to the human eye is in reality cause to worship God and praise His unfathomable Wisdom.

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