How Do You Define Success?

By Pastor Kong Hee

One of the verses I hear quoted most often when it comes to God’s favor is Romans 8:31: “If God is for us, who can be against us?” As I’ve been thinking about this verse recently, I began to consider the converse of that statement: If God is against you, what difference does it make who is for you?

UntitledThe only One whose favor we desperately need is God. It doesn’t matter what any attorney, doctor, employer, employee, friend, or family member thinks about you if God is not for you. That’s because without His favor, you have no chance for real success!

God is the ultimate measure of what’s real and what’s good. Yet so many try to find contentment without Him even in the picture. But those plans will ultimately fail as they realize there is no true satisfaction in this world without a relationship with God.

Find your contentment in God, not in how others regard you. All the accolades in the world could never make up for hearing those words at the end of your life, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Prayer for the day:

Pray that God would help you find your contentment in Him as the ultimate measure of success in your life!

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