They SHOULD Know That We Are Christians By Our LOVE!

e4193876132ff1be067e815038bf3d96John 13:35 ” ~By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

While been ministering at a winter cold weather shelter for the past 3 months my heart has been heavy with a few thoughts regarding the actions of a few Christian workers. Many people who are homeless and less fortunate than you and I are ill-treated throughout their daily lives. How can we in good conscious call ourselves Ambassadors for Christ or Ambassadors of Love if we look for petty reasons to treat them less than worthy, when we are put in positions to show them Love and offer them hope… who are we to lord it over them because we have made up our minds that we are the only ones who can help them? How can I in good conscious serve them with an attitude that they get on my damn nerves and they act as if they are entitled to my help? How can I exemplify Christ if I can’t show patience and grace?  WELL… if I am there to serve them ..are they not entitled to my 100% service, given with Love and respect?

The idea of having the mindset that I can deny them the smallest thing such as water or an empty cup, only because it is in my power to do so …makes me what? … large and in charge? Jesus said whatever you do to the least of my brothers and sisters… you have done this to me. If I deny a thirsty man water of which I have plenty… I denied the Lord. If I deny the hungry one who does not eat meat hot water for a cup of noodles or a cup of tea, I deny Jesus. Christians should really consider how we represent Christ when we are called to serve the less fortunate in our communities. When we think that no one is watching, Jesus sees and to some He will say… I was hungry and you denied me food, I was thirsty and you denied me a drink. When we ill treat those who come to us because they trust us to bring love and hope after they have been ill treated continuously in the world AND then we in turn treat them like throw away people… we are kicking and spitting on them when they are already down. Reminds me of Jesus carrying that cross and being mocked and spat upon. IT DISGUSTS ME!

Jesus said Love one another as I have Loved you. He said treat one another as you desire to be treated. WHAT JESUS DID NOT SAY IS THIS:
Jesus did not say if the one who is less fortunate does not respect you… do not feed him. Jesus did not say deny the smallest amount of love to the one who feels hopeless if that one does not like you. Jesus did not say when you serve others do so begrudgingly. We are not to consider our feelings and get all up in our emotions… it is not about US… it is about the ones we are called to serve.

This needs to be said and taken in to account for every Christian servant.

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