My Prayer for This Day

Heavenly Father,

How great You are and how wonderful the life plan that You’ve plotted out for those who love and trust Your direction. Today we are filled with gladness as we rejoice in this day created by You!

Lord teach us to tap into the great reservoir of Your Love that resides in us through Your Holy Spirit, that we’d mete out that same Love and that Love ONLY to all others. It is through You that we learn to Love what seems unlovable to us in our own humanity and to forgive what our reasoning defines as unforgivable. Oh Lord surely Your Thoughts and Way exceed anything that we can fathom… yet Your Grace and mercy is intercession for our ignorance. Father show us Your Ways that we can walk more closely with You and therefore become merciful and loving to all mankind.

When we fall into our human judgements of others, remind us of our own wretchedness and the places that we found ourselves before our encounter with the Cross and the places that we’ve fallen to even in the midst of our own salvation. Give us the hearts and minds to examine ourselves, that we’d mind to the great business of working out our own salvation while “LOVINGLY” forgiving others their shortcomings. In this we will be a great witness and light to a dark world; truly we will reflect Your light from within.

Forgive us for our falling short of Your Glory and grant us today a fresh anointing and a renewed spirit. Teach us to BE LOVE!
With thanksgiving we receive these things by faith. Be glorified and magnified in our lives in the name of Jesus…. AMEN!

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