Point Them To Christ!

What does the way you lead say about how you trust Jesus? Too often we believe that great leadership is about praying for a crowd or convincing a group to follow us because of our accomplishments and acumens. We’ve declared that, “We will not boast in anything; no gifts, no power, no wisdom,” and yet the story of our days tells a very different tale. Somewhere we’ve bought into the lie that what people are looking for is inspiration through eloquent speeches. We’ve forgotten that the most powerful way we can lead is by pointing us towards Jesus.
Some of us are faced with undoing generations of failed leadership. Some of us come from incredible men and women, but good or bad, the answer to how you will lead begins and ends with Jesus, it’s only through His power that our view of leadership will change. We start by seeking Him, knowing Him, being transformed to be more like Him. The more we look, act, love, and lead like Jesus, the more impactful our leadership will be to the world around us.

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