Africa Needs Our Prayers

Heavenly Father You are El Shaddai -God Almighty. You are El Elyon – The Most High God. You are El Olam – The Everlasting God. You are Yahweh Sabbaoth – The Lord of Hosts. 
You are Yahweh Rapha – The Lord our Healer!!!!
You are God and beside You is no other God. Lord lean down Your loving ear and receive our prayers for the people of Africa who are now being plagued with this level 1 Ebola outbreak. Father even now by Faith we ask in the name of Jesus the Christ that You extend your Loving righteous hand across this land and this nation of people who have suffered so very much over the past few centuries, to heal and restore them. Father we claim by our Faith in Jesus name that this viral devastation is now bound up and destroyed as we know by Your very Word that it is now so bound and eradicated in Heaven.

Now Lord we would humbly ask that you comfort everyone who has been touched in anyway by the circumstance. Lord we ask that Your promise is fulfilled and this horrible situation is turned around for good for us as we love You and are called to your purpose and in this day it is to pray for the weak and helpless. Father as we see Your mighty Spirit blaze through this land we will be sure as Your majesty merits, to give you the praise and the glory. We receive these things by Faith with Thanksgiving in the Powerful Name of Jesus… Amen!

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