That Strange Dynamic [Worship]

That Strange Dynamic [Worship]


“For God is the King of all the earth: sing ye praises with understanding.”

Psalm 47:7, KJV
Human beings are meant to worship. And specifically, to worship God. If we choose to deny this salient fact, we change nothing. Worship defines us, and who we worship is our decision. But it will happen. Our very DNA includes this proclivity.
Among believing Christians there can be an ‘oh hum’ attitude toward ‘worship’. It seems to us to be a tolerated part of our gatherings. Often worship is nothing more than a sequential chain of events that must be endured, for ‘religious reasons,’ but seldom for an authentic spiritual purposes.
The worship of heaven still worries some. It seems too intense, and a bit (shall we say) fanatical for our likings. Our standards are high, after all it will be eternal. At our very best worship is not of an ‘eternal grade’. It may be good and all– but we envision something more, a thing that engages us on an eternal level.
The fault can be with our ‘earthly’ levels of worship. Many are busy with their own life, with all its all consuming issues. They find time to interrupt their day, perhaps to lead a feeble congregation into something more. They quickly learn to mollify and ‘reduce’ their approach, to the ‘lowest common denominator’.
But worship still sizzles, and the ‘need’ to worship is embedded inherently within. If we don’t choose to worship idols, we take on the task of worshipping the real God. And that real adjustment will truly change us.
Boredom and worship are antithetical. They are considerably ‘miles’ apart. Worship must be an exclusive focus of a ‘burning heart’ not bound with the mundane occurrences of the day. If you are an average ‘joe, or jane’ worship leader, you will understand this. At times you experience this ‘tension’ of earth and heaven. But remember, heaven begins now, and not later.
Be encouraged, boredom is not your fault. It is the “spirit of this age.” But, if I might suggest, more grace is given to those who lead us. Competing with a people fully enamored with ‘entertainment’ will be hard (but not impossible for God.)
Will you be bored in heaven? I hope not. But remember this, ‘worship practice’ starts now.
“God is not moved or impressed with our worship until our hearts are moved and impressed by Him.” 
 Kelly Sparks

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