Never Underestimate The Power Of Prayer!

Heavenly Father,
Today is the day that You have made by Your Word; we WILL rejoice and be glad in it! We thank You for giving us another opportunity to walk with Christ Jesus by Your Holy Spirit! Father we humbly ask that You order our steps that we follow where You lead. Give us the wherewithal not to try to get ahead of You. We trust that You shore us up in front, behind and on all sides. Let our hearts be filled with Your Word which guides us as the Light to our feet and a Lamp to illuminate our paths.

Lord we Love You today and our hearts cry out in worship and praise to You! We Glorify Your Holy Name and we sing of Your many wonders that we have SURELY witnessed …be glorified in our homes, in our congregations, in all that we do for in Your service and in our hearts. Father pour out Your Spirit liberally upon the body of Christ. Bless each congregation, every leader and worker that we become cohesive members in one Body where Christ is the Head. Lord here we are… send us! We desire only that which is Your hearts desire. As You bless us teach us to bless others without holding on to what is given freely from Your riches in Glory in our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus …surely Your storehouse is eternally full and we will lack NO GOOD THING!

ABOVE ALL teach us to Love with a measure of Your perfect Love and not our own feeble, failing, humanistic way of loving others.
Let Your love be the measure of Love that we mete out to everyone as You have given it to us so lavishly!

Lord we offer this humble and sincere prayer with GREAT thanksgiving as we receive all that we’ve asked by Faith in the SUPERLATIVE Name of Jesus our King…. Amen!

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