He Must Become Greater; I Must Become Less." – John 3:30

The Prayer of “one who is nothing”

Oh Father in Heaven!How merciful and wonderful You are.  We just want to use this time to lift Your Name in honor, glory and praise!  The Name that heals, delivers, redeems, gives life, brings peace and comfort to our hearts; the Name by which we are saved!  Master if we had 1000 tongues, our mouths could not sufficiently utter the worship, praises and blessings that only You are worthy to merit!

Lord You brought us into this new day with the hope of our salvation and the sweet whisper of Your Holy Spirit to guide us!  Father we need You; nothing else can satisfy the voids in our lives and the hunger for something more gratifying in our hearts.

Lord, rip out and root up the arrogant spirit that tries to creep like a weed into the fortified walls of Your body (the Church). Open the eyes of Your children that we can see the error in our ways. Let none boast of their goodness and faithfulness, for these accolades are Yours alone!  Father, show us how we truly appear in the presence of a Holy God that we might confess our sins, 
be repentant and seek You as our boast!  Not that we boast of what we do for You; since that is the boast of fools; but let us boast of Your love for us and Your innumerable miracles in our midst!  Let us boast that we belong to You and Your great love found us worth dying for, when we were not worthy of the sacrifice. Lord, destroy all egotistical talk, vain conceited actions and attitudes of superiority that would try to strive in the body of Christ and in Your Holy sanctuary.  Precious Holy Spirit, Teach us humility! Give us a clean heart that we may worship you in Spirit and Truth.

Lord we esteem You this this day and it is our true desire to live  lives that are pleasing to You!  We ask that You accept this sacrifice of praise and prayer, Dear Master.  We offer it in the beautiful Name of Jesus Christ… Who IS our Lord and Savior. As we receive all of your unsurpassed blessing by faith!  AMEN!

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