Hiding in His Peace

I share this prayer that you too may agree in Christ. He is truly sufficient through His grace. And know that this prayer is also on your behalf as well as mine.

Heavenly Father as You sit Gloriously on High, we praise You because You are ever mindful of us. In our times of distress we have no place to run accept to Your merciful Throne of Grace. From the folds of Your robes flow loving comfort and peace, Father, be ever present for us right now, that Your Spirit will carry us to hide in the folds of Your garments, where deep peace can be found.

Lord we are not lost, in the midst of what the world would call calamity. By Your Holy Spirit let us stay mindful of the Way, because we know Him personally. Lift up the countenance of Your children even in the valley of the shadow of death, let Your Grace which is sufficient, be just that right now, in the Mighty Name of Jesus!
Bless His Name Forever!!!

Father let Calvary’s healing stream flow deeply into the crevices that are not seen by man, that understanding of Your purpose and plan can be a comforting and abiding assurance that our trials are truly glorious victory! Remove from us the world’s understanding as we acknowledge You in our circumstances, that our eyes will see the invisible, that by Faith
we WILL expect the impossible and by Your Spirit working in and through us we will feel the intangible.

Father we let every request of prayer that has been made known here today, rest in Your Powerful Hands! Praise Your Name Lord! There is no other place where perfection and unfailing love abides except in Your presence. We leave our concerns in Your eternal care as we walk forward in Your Grace… Giving You all praises that are due, Lord You are so worthy to be praised in season and out of season! Hallelujah to Your Name which is Higher than the universe!

Father we claim our petitions made known to You today are Amen, in the precious Name of Jesus, Who IS the Christ! Hallelujah!

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