The goal and purpose of “SEATED IN HIGH PLACES” is to LIFT JESUS! We have no political agenda, we do not bash or promote those things that are not uplifting or do not encourage others to have a deeply intimate relationship with God.

We know what sin is because we are sinners saved by grace. Therefore we are not here to showcase or judge what is wrong with anyone. We hope that if you found your self here that you will also find yourself desiring a more perfected walk in Christ as you grow and learn to walk in HIS perfection. It is when you are at your lowest point that God can use you… it is your decision to allow that.

I really do not appreciate anyone bringing their politics, teachings, religions, denominations, biases, bigotry, judgments so forth and so on to this page. I would respectfully request that you start your own page for that.

If you Love the Lord, if you want to have a closer walk with Him, if you are looking for love and encouragement in the Word… it doesn’t matter to me who you are… on this page you are welcome to LIFT JESUS! That is ALL that we promote here. It is the job of Christ alone to draw men unto Himself …our job is to LIFT JESUS!

JESUS SAID: “And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men to Myself.” ~John 12:32

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