Christians With a Judas Attitude

Today I read 2 post by “christian” groups that broke my heart. The first was spewing politics regarding “Black Women” and Abortions. The next an article outright labeling all Muslims as rapist, murderers and incestuous. If these so-called christians spent as much time lifting Jesus and sharing God’s Word as they did sharing their own NARROW-MINDED views… the world would be a much better place. TOO Many people hide behind Christ to share their prejudices. (Reminds me of Judas)

These people cry out about kids being killed in Sandy Hook but believe that kids killed by drone strikes are collateral damage. I used to believe that politics were important… but these people are like a bunch of little kids in their own little cliques, name calling on a playground. Watch any so-called news show… it is ALL opinion and EVERYONE has one; they are like… well you know.

I am so OVER politics!
I don’t care if you hate Obama or Bush… but what has it to do with Jesus? If you want to spread these views it should not be done under the cloak of religion. And I wish you guys would stop assuming that because I am “Black” I am a Democrat. I am neither Democrat or Republican. I am A Christian!

It was Judas, a “Political hate MONGER” who turned the Savior over to politically motivated religious leaders to be crucified! Judas wanted to use Jesus politically. He wanted the Lord to get involved in his politics. JESUS REFUSED… because Jesus did not come to save the Jews or the Christians. NEWSFLASH Jesus saves MUSLIMS, Black folks, Jews, whites, Hispanics… or whatever label one man can place or another! It says For God so loved the *WORLD*….

I posted this picture once on “Seated in High Places” and a few “christians” were OFFENDED. That said a lot to me.

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