*ONLY In Jesus… *

“Let’s Pray Together”

Heavenly Father,
As I approach the end of this week, I want to thank you for the joy of my life which comes ONLY in Christ. When the trials loom before me and I began to stress, it is ONLY in Jesus that I can see the benefits of having gone through the trial and that develops a divine JOY in me! 

This week I have been disappointed by family and friends… when I prayed to You about my sadness, You opened my eyes to see the plight of the ones who I’d deemed to be at fault… that is when I felt anger no more… and great compassion instead. ONLY in Jesus I find LOVE in those circumstances.

Lord when I looked away from You this week… I saw lack, as I prayed to You asking for provisions You faithfully filled the void of my lack by showing me that ONLY in Jesus I live lacking no good thing. I understand more clearly that lack can only be perceived by eyes that are not trained on You.

Father today I come humbly asking Your mercy for my shortcomings and faults… I ask that Your Holy Spirit rest, rule and ever abide within me. I thank You for showing Your ability to make all grace abound toward me; that I, always have
all sufficiency in all things.. this I also recognize can be realized ONLY in Jesus.

Thank You for all things in the ONLY name by which anyone can be saved… JESUS!

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