*Morning Prayer*

Father in Heaven,
I thank You for a new day that heralds in Your tender mercies fresh and renewed. A day that gives a new opportunity to examine myself through the spectrum of Your grace and Love. I confess that I have fallen short and sometimes fallen apart… but I acknowledge that it was because in those moments I’d fallen away and relied upon my own feelings and understanding. I’d let go in those moments and tried to resolve through human efforts and comprehension the things that I’d given to You to help me resolve.

Lord, I ask now that You will be merciful and forgive my trips and falls. I thank You for keeping Your unchanging hand ever extended for me to grab hold. I thank You for the contentment that rushes into my heart when I give myself completely over to Your care.

Father walk with me through this day… let Your Holy Spirit be the power of direction. Help me to see Your Light through dark times, that I will not struggle in blindness.

Lord be my advocate in every situation where I am falsely accused and more than that help me to accept that it is more than enough. It is You who vindicates Your children and it is by Your Spirit that we are held up.

Help us to rise up and continue to walk when we have fallen and guide us in the Everlasting Way… which is our Savior Christ Jesus! AMEN!

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