***Praying and agreeing the 23rd Psalm in the expanse of understanding in Christ Jesus. ***

Heavenly Master
When I acknowledge and let You lead me, I always find that there is nothing that I lack. By Your hand I am fed to satisfaction of all the best things and I rest in the blessed assurance that I am not forsaken. The thirst of my soul is quenched by the peaceful presents of Your Holy Spirit.

Lord even though I walk through this life of dangers and unseen death in the shadows; the Light of Your Glory breaks through the darkness and I know I have nothing to fear. Your presence is my safe shelter. By Your Rod and Staff You lead me through the rugged terrain of this world’s trials and tribulations to places of peace and comfort.

In the presence of those who would want to cause me great harm or see me fall; it is You who justifies me and by Your Holy Spirit You’ve made me Your child. My enemies have witnessed as You’ve  blessed me above all that I could ever ask or hope for.

All Your ways are loving, merciful and faithful toward those who Love You and are called to Your purpose. The one thing I ask of You Father -the thing I seek most– is to live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, delighting in the Your perfections and meditating in Your Temple…  Even this You have granted as You have raised us up with Christ and seated us with You in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus!


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