Thank You Father!

Loving Father, As we kneel before Your throne of grace, we ask a special blessing, Your healing grace and Your enduring Love be upon all who are recovering from infirmity and addictions. We thank You for the healings that have come, For the restorations that have been received; For the many prayers that have been heard.

  We Thank You as we receive by faith that You will shield and defend us from the ravages of fear and anxiety. We receive Your protective hedge around us and our loved ones that we will be fearful of nothing. Father we thank you for rest in the comfort and confidence of your Love and your gift of peace of mind.

Father we pray that all who are recovering will continue to trust in you during this time of rest and recuperation, help us to keep our eyes on You and not symptoms. We speak a complete return to that health and strength which is Your will, and we are confident in this by the healing in the wounds of Christ. Lord we will praise and give you thanks as health returns to our friends and loved ones that You be glorified as health is restored. Father, we draw on your stregnth to change these times of fear and apprehension into trust and assurance. Holy Spirit keep us firm and unwavering as we submit and purpose to serve You and seek to live according to Your good pleasure. Forgive our weakness and shortcomings. We praise you for hearing us, your children when we cry out to you. Lord You said “If we ask and we will receive, and our joy will be complete. We receive this promise and we give You ALL praise, honor, glory In the incomparable Name of Jesus Christ Amen.

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