Life or Death Kind of Loving

As Christians we can not go on this journey with a mindset that is not grounded and founded in Love. To believe that it is our moral obligation to serve God because He is after all our Creator alone, is of no value. To Love God removes the feeling of moral obligation and face it… mankind ain’t very moral. When we Love Him we are so enamored with His beautifully glorious nature that our hearts desire sorely to serve Him. When we have deeply fallen absolutely and intimately in Love with God; we can’t wait to be in His presence and bask in the glow of His Love for us. With great certainty we acknowledge that we are His as Jesus is our Beloved.

What does it feel like to be in this perfect relationship?

I do not just want to settle for salvation and go through this life with the simple joy and expectation of the eternal ever-after. I desire to celebrate my Salvation and to live Life here and now enjoying the benefits and fullness of this great gift of Salvation!!! I want Jesus all of the time; every step, every breath every second, not out of the inherent need that every person has for Him but out of the joyous desire to just Love Him, the desire to know Him right now and to share my Love for Him. I want Jesus because He is wonderful and precious to me. What an awesome One to adore wholeheartedly!

In the midst of our sweet Love there is deliverance from the things that would hold me captive, there is healing there is so much joy and a peace that I won’t even try to describe. Oh let me tell you about it. In our great Love together He provides everything that I require and He always forgives me for my feeble ways and I love Him even deeper. He never wants me to be alone or to miss Him; so His very Spirit is alive in me. It is a love like no other that I’ve known. We are Spiritually bonded.

Jesus saw that I had committed so many capital crimes and knowing that the death sentence was inevitable for me; He stepped out in the greatest Love that anyone can have for another and He died in my place to satisfy the huge debt of my crimes. He was in that grave for 3 days He did not want me to be afraid or alone so with GREAT victory over my enemy He arose from that grave and returned to me. But He loved me so much… during those  days He did not lay dead He went to utterly destroy death and the grave; defeating satan who had been my enemy from the beginning. So when my spirit which is bonded with His has left my natural body that still I can be with Him.

If we Love Him we will die with Him… (DIE TO SELF) and as He has loved us we will relinquish our efforts to love. Having experienced so great a Love as He lavishes upon us; our love is invalidated. Hence Jesus teaches us; “Anyone who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me; ~ Matthew 10:37  ‘If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters–yes, even his own life–he cannot be My disciple.” – Luke 14:26  By this verse our Lord is not advocating that we hate others; He is in fact illustrating that we are NOT even capable of TRULY loving at all. Human love is filled with impurities and can breed jealousy, prejudice, murder, adultery, segregation, bias, covetousness, greed, gluttony and the list continues. When our flesh is crucified; when we bear our cross daily then we put ALL the we are and every action we embark upon under the authority of His Holy Spirit. Now when we  love we will Love with a measure of God’s Love. When we bear our cross daily we are hidden with Christ in God who IS LOVE; and therefore we truly abide in Love and that same Love in us. This then is the Love we pour out on to others. This Love puts God above all others and Loves Him Best. 

Unlike human love the Spiritual Love of God that we lavish upon God and others is pure; it is of these noble and precious characteristics: patience, kindness, gladness for others’ good fortune, gives praise to God in all things, humble, polite, desires no spotlight, calm, merciful, forgiving, abhors evil, rejoices in truth, protects trusts, always hopes, always perseveres, NEVER Fail and is eternal!

Crucify the flesh bear your cross daily and have Life and that more abundant… anything less is DEATH!

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