@oNMyGrizzy91 I Agree in Prayer _ Your Prayer is Our Prayer!

Heavenly Father,

You are the creator of ALL things and of each person who has, does and will inhabit the Earth. Lord we thank you that You are the Light in our lives that has led us to the knowledge of Your Truth. We thank You that through the Gift of Your very Spirit dwelling within us we’ve come to realize that our greatest craving is to be filled with more of Your presence and to have a greater knowledge of Your will and your Way.

Humbly we’ve accepted the gift of Salvation through Your loving Sacrifice of Your only begotten Son our Lord and Saviour Jesus who is the Christ! We Praise you that Your amazing Love and Grace has through the Holy Spirit brought us to this place of truth. We stand here before You Father asking for not material goods or worldly provisions; these we know and see that You add to us day by day. We ask for the greater Gift of Your daily presence. Even as we prepare for our Spiritual journey to go forth in Christ; that You  from your riches in Glory would increase our Faith. We ask that You renew, restore and strengthen us Spiritually. Remove from us anything that would hinder our Spiritual strength . Father we humbly ask that You will add to us and strengthen our Spiritual being. Lord You know where we need building up… consume any darkness in us with Your Eternal Light.

We receive all that we ask of You now Lord with joy and thanksgiving; let it be to Your glory and that You will be magnified in the fruition of all that we have asked and been granted. In the incomparable Name of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

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