Father in You I’m Safe From my "SELF"

Precious Lord,
I thank You right now for Your abiding presence in my life. I am grateful that even in the darkest hour You are there waiting for me; even beckoning me to come to You. It humbles me to know that You desire to talk with me and spend precious intimate time with me. It makes my heart swell with so much love when I ponder how deeply You love me. Lord this also makes me acutely aware of who I am when I ignore Your presence and counsel. I see how disgustingly fruitless my living is apart from You.

Father You cause me to know by Your merciful grace that You are larger than my life and so much larger than life as I perceive it. Jesus beside You I am nothing and not only that; I am filthy. When I am hidden in You, I Love You deeper than I can when I’m only aware of Your presence in my outer life. Loving You from within Your very Spirit I surrender all that I am to You and I diminish. When I am hidden in You the “me” melts away and then it is You who cause me to see in a TRUTHFUL reality; to sense what is Real and True …all of which is You Lord.

Lord Jesus it is ONLY as I remain hidden in You that You live in me; beyond being present in my life. In Your presence and strength I am able to live Your words and therefore I TRULY Live!  I comprehend and receive Life and that more abundant when hidden in YOU! I become alive in the Word of God and it is ALIVE in me because You are that Living Word of my God!

Hidden in You my spirit is nourished because You are the Bread to sustain me. When I abide in the shelter of Your TANGIBLE presence You are then my refuge and strength. You are ever-present help in ALL my troubles because You are the Power working in me when I am weak. Lord this is truly living a life of prayer; a life continuoulsy sustained in Your presence. My true living begins beyond  knowing that You are ominpresent or that You are everywhere. You have taught me Yourself that to live a life of prayer is to live past acknowledging Your presence in the world; but to dwell in You so that You are LIVING LARGE in me.

Father I ask that You will forgive me now for all of the things I have done apart from You. Lord forgive me for the times I have stepped out of the intimate space we share. I thank You that even as I trespassed into areas of my life that belonged to Your Providence that even then You remained WITH me. Your being with me is no longer enough and pales it in the facts of the Cross. The Cross placed a door on my heart that only You can enter if it is opened. Then You are no longer just with me but you dwell in me. I love the Cross because Your blood  is a red carpet that leads to the place whereby I also dwell in You and Live out my real life hidden in Christ. Hidden in You I am safe from my “SELF”!

Father help me to continue safe in Your heart to walk in Peace a life of perpetual prayer.

I receive Your blessing with a grateful heart in the Loving and Merciful Name of Jesus who IS the Christ!!! AMEN!!!!

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