Prayer: To the One Who is Able to Keep Us From Falling

Heavenly Father we love the Words that proceed from Your Mouth, they are food for our spirit and a healing balm for our minds and body.

Lord we ask that You have mercy on us where we have lost sight of Your glorious purpose and plan for our lives. Help us to stay prayerful and draw ever closer to You, that You will keep Your promise to draw even nearer to us.

Lord we thank You that Your mercies are new with the dawning of each day. Pour liberally upon us a fresh anointing, that we may continue steadfast in Your Grace with a renewed Faith and a determination fueled by Your Holy Spirit.

Where there is strife let Your Peace reign
Where there is opposition among us… bring cohesion
Where there is loneliness let Your grace be enough
When we are weakened, let Your Power work in it’s Perfection within us

You are our deliverer, provider, healer and redeemer.

Illuminate and be glorified in our lives today.

As we receive these things from You Father, we will be mindful to give You all of the praise and worship that You are worthy to merit!

We call all of these things to be Amen, in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

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