Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places?

I think we all desire to be loved in a deep and intimate way. I know that I do. Having found myself in all kinds of situations and dilemnas… I knew there was no where else to run except to the arms of my first Love. He is not the lover of my body but the Lover of my soul. When I am with Him I find Joy, Peace, Truth, a great matchless Love and above all a very sweet repose.

A dear close friend of mine told me two things that I am often reminded and I NEVER forget:

1. Sin will make you stay longer than you want to stay and pay more than you want to pay.

2. FEAR is:

As I cast my cares upon my Beloved’s refining fire… I can relax in His strength. Chaos may encircle me externally, but He makes me to be unaware and not to worry. He leads me to green fields and quiet waters to rest and to be restored to Him.

I am a prodigal and yet He embraces me with a deep, ever-faithful abiding Love and seats me with Himself in High (Heavenly) Places.

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